It is true that motorcycle riding is one of the most convenience transportation means, regardless of the place. Unfortunately, some unwanted issues affect many motorists out there because of their rude attitude or undisciplined style of driving, especially in the main roads.

They tend to drive using 2-wheeled motorbikes or motorcycles without wearing helmets and proper riding gears.

This is the reason why some people who drive their motorcycles experienced minor to fatal road incidents because of unsafe driving. Moreover, they do not follow the imposed safety precautions and put their lives at risk most of the time.

The video we shared on this post is a clear example of the danger of driving a motorcycle without helmets. According to the information shared online, the victims are both police officers and they look lifeless while lying on the highway in Tarlac and it happened last November 23, 2011.

Looking at the video closely, it seems that the motorcycle they are riding collided with a closed van truck and because of the strong impact, both victims stumbled on the road and obtained serious injuries because they cannot move already.

Likewise, it appears that the rescuers are too slow to reach the accident site because the victims remained on the road for few minutes until the video stopped.

We would like to give credit to Yosh0720 for the video published through YouTube dated November 29, 2011.