Road mishaps or accidents happen in the United States daily and some of them fatal. If this occurs, the involved person or persons can even die caused by severe injuries. In most cases, the result of the investigation proved that it is of because of human error where the driver failed to control the vehicle or it sudden break down, which triggered a powerful collision.

Surely, there are different reasons on why these accidents happen in an instance.

Based on the shared video above, I can say that the collision of the BMW and grey Toyota Prius is due to poor judgment while driving on the road. Obviously, the driver of the Toyota car failed to position his vehicle after making a right turn from the hi-way that triggered the collision because the driver of the BMW is driving fast on his lane.

Some people who saw the video commented that the gray Toyota car went off the wrong lane and this caused the driver of the BMW to hit the back of the car because he has no choice. The powerful collision nearly flipped the BMW car as it glide at the center island of the hi-way.

Likewise, it appeared that there is a car racing happening on the road when the unexpected incident happen because the bystanders are recording the race and even went on to check both the involved drivers and cars after the collision.

Regardless of whose fault it is, I believe that it is always important to drive with care and presence of mind to prevent such road incident.


Credit video: Earth Motor Cars Facebook Page