In the Philippines alone, speeding is one of the major causes of undisciplined drivers and they often ignore the speed limit signage when they run on highways or expressways. Another issue is driving under the influence of alcohol, but it always falls in the category of speeding because a driver becomes aggressive.

Of course, there are other factors to consider why minor to fatal road accidents manifest and it really is saddening when some of the victims are innocent people.

In the video we shared above, there are two involved vehicles and the other one is a white Isuzu D-Max SUV. Looking at the situation of the vehicles, one of them fell down the creek near the post, while he SUV remains on top of the road with huge damages in front of it.

From the down the creek, a woman looks hurt seating on the ground while the vehicle is turned upside down, probably caused by the powerful impact or collision. Many people started to check the site of the accident and some of them made an effort to check the injured woman.

Although it is unclear on whose fault and the real cause of this road accident in SCTEX, it seems that the driver of the vehicle stumbled on the creek did not able to control its speed and went straight down, despite the presence of barrier.

We would like to credit Evangeline Dalupan for the video as published through YouTube.