In a country like the Philippines, there are countless of traffic rules and regulations that they implement nationwide. Unfortunately, many Filipino drivers still have no proper discipline while driving on the roads or hi-ways. Without any doubt, car accidents are among the common issues in the country and hundreds if not thousands of people in the Philippines had experience a life and death situation.

The video you just watched happened at the Roman Hi-way in Abucay, Bataan last December 1. The video was taken through a mobile phone of a friend and shared it to me so I can publish it here. You see, the involved are both huge vehicles considering one is cargo trailer and the other one is a tanker. Surely, both drivers did not give way on who will the first one to pass and so they crashed each other in the middle of the hi-way.

I heard that in Bataan, the Metro Bataan Development Authority (MBDA) is responsible in monitoring the apprehending reckless and over speeding drivers. Do they really capture and penalize those undisciplined vehicle owners in the province? Do drivers in Bataan are really following the imposed speed limits and traffic rules or not?

Well, these are only 2 important questions that I want to ask those who live in this province. Please do not hesitate to share with us after watching the video.