It is true that majority of the fatal motorcycle accidents are due to sudden acceleration and unable to control the brakes while driving. Because of this, the driver or even alongside its passenger can die once a powerful collision or impact occurred without any expectation.

This is the reason why proper training and safety driving are necessary factors before someone decides to drive a motorcycle.

In the video we share, the deadly motorcycle accident happened at the Mega Dike in Pampanga and the involved single motorbike is wrecked totally. As detailed by the owner of the video who published it through YouTube dated back in April 29, 2014, at least two people died in the accident.

If you look at the video footage closely, one of the victims fell down the dike on the bushes and the most disturbing part of the video is when viewing the scattered body parts of one of the victim, which include the brain, spread on the road.

It is difficult to describe the exact appearance of the wrecked motorcycle and it is definitely impossible for the victims to survive such fatal road mishap. Perhaps the most important lesson on this motorcycle accident is to learn how to drive safely and do not abuse the speed of the motorbike because it can kill anyone.


Credit video: KiteJam 0820/YouTube