Whether we like it or not, car accidents are becoming common worldwide and causing life-and-death situations when they happen. Of course, people who are living in congested streets or places are familiar with these types of road mishaps and so they witness both brutal and deadly accidents.

Although not all of these road incidents are not fatal, when they occur they seriously cause the lives of the involved people and the greatest feat is seeing a person who is lifeless during the rescue operation.

In the video we shared from this post dated back March 3, 2016, the involved car in brutal road accident is a luxury Lamborghini Murcielago. According from the information published through YouTube by Stephane Dupuis who recorded the aftermath, there are men inside the vehicle and it is unsure if they are still alive or not.

The rescuers managed to pull out the person on the left side of the car and immediately brought him to the hospital through an ambulance. The car possible went out of control and slamming the lamppost in the center island due to the powerful impact.

As we can see on the video also, a powerful car crash does not mind of the passengers and driver have airbags because the impact can definitely hurt or kill a person within a split second. This is the reason why careful and safety driving is necessary to prevent such vicious car accident on the road.


Credit video: Stephane Dupuis/YouTube