We all agree that despite the implemented guidelines and existing safety precautions when driving on the road, unwanted accidents happen due to reckless or undisciplined driving. Honestly, I cannot just believe that an accident did not just happen unexpectedly because there is surely a reason why it occurred. For me driver’s negligence is one of the main causes of road mishaps.

If you watched the video above, you will notice on how the driver on the car involved on the accident failed to implement the exact road discipline. Because of his negligence, he did not have any choice to escape the collision with the huge truck at the left side of the road. At the 0:34 seconds mark of the video, he suddenly swerve to overtake the car on his left to avoid hitting the truck in front of him, but it is already too late.

Due to negligence, his car went out of control and collided with the huge truck on the left side of the hi-way. It is very clear that he did not estimated the right time to overtake and made a mistake for trying to pass in between the vehicle with the video and the truck. Lucky for the driver, he did survive that powerful collision.

By the way, I would like to credit Peter N. Helen for sharing this video.