Driving in a road or highway with heavy fog is extremely dangerous and most of the time can be fatal. This is actually one of the major causes of motorway incidents, particularly during cold months in different places worldwide.

Because most of the drivers need to confront with the blurb and foggy condition of the road, it would be very difficult to control the vehicle and instantly collide with the unseen vehicles in front that are stopping unexpectedly.

In the video we shared above, you will see that the highway is experiencing heavy fog and many vehicles already stopped because they cannot continue driving. Unfortunately, the other vehicles approaching are also not aware that several cars, SUVs and even trucks are already piled up in front of them and triggered massive collisions.

According to the information shared through the Facebook page of Defend Bahrain as published online, this happens in Abu Dhabi and nearly 44 different types of vehicles collided with each other and injuring about 22 individuals after the incident. If you watch the video below, some of the involved damaged vehicles are expensive units such as Audi, Land Cruisers, Volkswagen and  a lot more.

The main cause of the massive is the extreme fog and so it is very important to take care while driving in this kind of situation.

We would like to credit the Defend Bahrain Facebook page for the videos we shared on this post.