It is definitely true that driving under an extreme or dangerous weather condition can trigger minor to severe road accident, regardless of the place. Of course, any person who is driving a vehicle may experience a trap and not learning on what to do or not to do during the actual situation.

The sad thing is that the potential road range is not about having undisciplined drivers, rather due to the bad condition of the weather.

The shared video here clearly proved that the main cause of the massive collision of several vehicles at the Yumana Expressway in India is not about reckless driving, but due to heavy fog and smog on the hi-way. Several cars, SUVs and even buses started to bump with each other because the drivers cannot see their right direction.

The road became unclear or not visible, which caused them to collide and hurting some of the people involved in the road accident. The bystanders who are present on the place made an effort to helped each other because some of the approaching cars continue bumping those blocked vehicles in front already.

Luckily, all the passengers are safe and perhaps got hurt a little bit.

According to some expert drivers who are familiar with fog and smog, it is very important for a driver to have functional wipers and a defroster to get proper view of the road. They say that to avoid a potential collision, it is necessary to reduce speed and use the low beam lights while driving.