When talking about skilled and defensive drivers, these are actually many like in the Philippines. However, not all of them can think about an instinct solution to prevent more casualties and damages caused by a massive road accident.

In most cases, many drivers are struggling to elude themselves to a possible life and death situation when experiencing an unforeseen vehicular collision.

If you look at the published video above, the incident occurred at the Skyway Toll Plaza in the Philippines. The involved vehicle is a public transport bus from a company named Green Star and the driver truly proved his driving skill when he was able to prevent a collision with the other vehicles lined up in the tollgate.

The bus looks uncontrollably already from the left side and instead of colliding with the vehicles in front of it, the driver managed to maneuver it in the middle of the two lanes and allowing it to slam the cemented barrier without hitting any lined up vehicle from both sides.

According to the reported news when this incident occurred, it is clear that the bus is faulty due to its malfunctioning break. On the other hand, we can still say that the driver is skillful and defensive enough to save lives and prevented serious collisions.

We would like to credit itsmorevidz for the posted video courtesy of Skyway Corp. You can view more videos here through YouTube.