Many drivers out there are safe and cautious while they drive on the road, especially when in the hi-way or speedway. These people know the exact precautions and safely rules to avoid any road incident or mishap that can cause lives due to negligence.

Unfortunately, there are still situations wherein a driver gets involve to a minor to fatal vehicular mishap because of some hard-headed people who are not following the traffic signs.

Looking at the shared video above, the incident happened in China in an intersection where there are active traffic lights. A man in a scooter is actually waiting for his turn to cross the street when the incident occurred after a rushing car hit the person and leaving him in the middle of the intersection without any help.

It seems that the ranging car is on the right lane and the stop light is still on the green sign when the guy attempted to cross. This of course gives the car driver a reason that he or she is not faulty. On the other hand, the situation wherein the driver or even a bystander is not helping the man who appeared seriously hurt or lifeless in the middle of the road is definitely disheartening to see.

Several cars, motorcycles and even trucks are passing the streets and nobody cares to stop to check or perhaps help the victim. This kind of situation is truly alarming to see because it can be a problem involving the society or the people who are living here are use to such vehicular incident.

Regardless of who the faulty in the road mishap shown on the video, I believe that it is still important that anybody of that scene would had stopped to see if the person is alive or not and call for emergency.


Credit video and cropped image: Rive Reak/YouTube