It is undeniable that road accidents usually happen during bad weather and such unforeseen accidents can trigger a life and death situation. The common issues why they happen include rain, snow, fog or even extreme heat of the sun. Of course, none of us can prevent the different road mishaps because bad weather occurs unexpectedly, regardless of the place where we drive.

Looking at the video we shared on this blog post, it happened at the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and involved at least 3 different vehicles. The video footage showed that the highway is slippery because of the rain and all the vehicles seem to run slowly before the road rage occurred.

When the white closed van on the left side began to lose its direction, it went off to the right side of the road, slammed the maroon vehicle (looks like a Wrangler jeep) and then smashed by the huge green trailer truck on the right side because after losing control in the correct lane.

The maroon vehicle seriously looks wrecked from both sides after the powerful collision. Perhaps the most interesting story of this road mishap is that the driver of the jeep is alive as seen of the video and avoided his death.

Road accidents happen during rain seasons can occur due to a slippery road or unreliable tires. It does actually matters of what is the main reason because it is very important for the drivers to be aware and must drive meticulously, especially on the highways.

We would like to credit GameSnNews Buzz for the video published through YouTube last February 19, 2017.