Many people believe that panicking is one of the main reasons why there are drivers who are experiencing minor to severe road accidents. Of course, this incident can happen anywhere and without any expectation that can trigger potential death as well as great fear to the victims.

Because of this, it is very important for drivers to learn on how to stop panicking while driving on the road and keep safe of their passengers.

The video we share above happened back in 2010 and we made a decision to share it because this is a clear example of a driver who panicked when he decided to overtake a bus. According to the information published through YouTube from the account of KarlBenz2007, this fatal road misshaped occurred in North Luzon Expressway (NLEX part of Dau in Pampanga) involving a Five Star Bus and a raging car.

Based on the explanation of the witness, the car is moving up to 110 KPH when it attempted to surpass the bus and its rear right wheel locked, which caused the car to roll over and stumble on the highway. Some of the passengers went off the road and the vehicle hit the concrete barrier when it stopped.

At least two people are lying on the road and they appeared lifeless already, while some of the passengers are making an effort to go out off the car. The bus driver actually gave way to the overtaking private car, but the driver failed to control it from stumbling and caused such deadly road accident.


Credit video: KarlBenz2007/YouTube