To prepare someone to learn driving, there are important lessons and guidelines to consider ahead of time. Of course, it is very important to obtain first a student-driving license as the initial step before applying for a non-professional or professional license later on.

When talking about the traffic rules and signs, it is necessary for a driver to understand them and never miss them out to avoid possible road accident or mishap.

As expected, every driver must have discipline to understand all the traffic signs.

In the video we shared on this post, the hi-way of the Westbound Lane I-435 seems to be calm before an unforeseen road accident occurred within just a few seconds. As you can see on the video footage, it appeared that the driver of the red huge trailer truck involved in the accident did not notice the signage in the middle of the approaching two ways.

Because we was to close hitting both the vehicle from the right and left side lanes, he failed to control the truck and slammed the attenuator and signage that caused his truck on fire with massive black smoke afterwards.

According to the people who commented after seeing the video through YouTube, some of them believed that the incident is due to a destructed driver who probably is talking to the phone while driving. Some said that the driver might overlook the signage ahead of him and has no choice, rather than slamming the attenuator or barrier.

Regardless of the exact cause, it is very important to become aware of the different road rules, traffic signs and movements of the vehicles when driving on the freeway to prevent such incident again that occurred last August 16, 2017 captured by the Overland Park cctv camera.


Credit video: OPCares/YouTube