Different accidents on the road are common worldwide and the authorities had recorded thousands if not millions of them already. Although not all of these accidents are deadly or serious, there are still vehicular mishaps that caused many lives or casualties afterwards.

In most cases, road incidents are due to human errors but there are instances wherein the car, SUV, motorcycle or truck is malfunctioning that caused the mishap. A vehicular failure is a very unfortunate situation because within a few seconds, the involved vehicle can kill people who are not aware of what is going to happen.

If there is a massive crash or unstoppable collision, there are surely people who will die or may suffer from severe injuries once hit by the vehicle. Of course, not to mention those damaged properties after the incident.

If you had watched the posted video above, you will see that the red huge truck came from the left side and it seems that the driver cannot control the brakes already. Because of this, he just decided to slam the residential structures on the right side and according to the report, 5 persons died because of the powerful crashed including the driver of the truck.

Based on the information published through YouTube from New China TV, these unwanted road mishap happened in Haiyuan County, Northwest portion of China.


Credit video: New China TV/YouTube