When using the public road, it is very important for a person to become aware of the situation around and the movements of the people on the different corners of the streets. This is perhaps one of the most interesting factors to consider, especially for many vehicle drivers out there to assure safety.

Unfortunately, there are still road accidents that occurred due to reckless or undisciplined drivers who put the lives of their victims because of their unawareness while driving. When an unforeseen vehicular incident arises, the involved driver seems to be disbelief and yet he or she faulty for what happened.

In this video shared above, it is clear that the driver of the red bus is reckless or undisciplined because despite the visibility of the person who is sweeping at the center of the road, he hit the person and looks lifeless already. The bus crashed the street sweeper and even rammed him on the wheels fatally.

Based on the video footage published in March 21, 2016 through YouTube, it seems that the incident happened in India and it involved the RTC Bus. The driver is probably scared or hesitant to go down to check the victim and so he remained inside the bus.


Credit video: EEROJU TV/YouTube