Motorcyclists will always think that they are following the different types of traffic regulations. In most cases, disregarding the law combined with the lack of exact protection a motorcycle can offer triggers thousands of preventable bike accidents and injuries each year.

Of course, one of the most usual and fatal accidents that bikers may experience is when they need to stop and pass an intersection. Typically, negligence of one of the involved drivers is the main reason on why a deadly road incident can occur in an instance.

Looking at the shared video above, the intersection of the hi-way looks peaceful and safe because there are only few vehicles and motorcycles passing. The very unfortunate incident happened when a woman who is driving her scooter attempted to cross the intersection and hit by the rushing white car on the opposite direction. It appears that the driver of the car failed to slow down while reaching the intersection of the road, considering that there is also a pedestrian lane and already saw the rider in the middle of the hi-way.

Although there is no stop light as seen on the video, it is still not right for the car to speed up while approaching the intersection. Without any doubt, the rider waited for her turn before she passed and so the car is liable because it continues through the intersection and hits the motorcycle.


Credit video footage and image: Ablywall – Tamil/Youtube