A road accident is a kind of unforeseen event involving a strong collision between a vehicle and another motor vehicle or sometimes motorcycle. If the impacted caused by the collision is powerful, this can lead to severe physical injury, trauma and even resulting to death.

Without any doubt, there are clear various factors that influence the extent of casualties after a road mishap or accident.

The video we shared on this post is one of the deadliest road incidents that happened in Tarlac City last July 22, 2017. According from the information published through YouTube by a certain Rey Agustin, the fatal vehicular accident involved a public transport bus (operated by Santrans) and a private Toyota Hi-Ace van.

Looking at the positions of both vehicles, bus slammed some establishments at the corner, while the van is totally wrecked and there are scattered bloody dead bodies inside the vehicle and on the road. The way we look at this incident, the bus collided and slammed with the van powerfully that caused the death of the victims.

You cannot even imagine the appearance of the Hi-Ace van because it is devastated and most of its parts are scattered on the road. Based on the some of the posted comments, they are blaming the bus because the driver forced to cut the van on its right way and a sudden powerful impact happened due to reckless driving.

Again, we would like to credit Mr. Rey Agustin for the video published through YouTube.