We have to admit that a road accident is an unpleasant situation that usually caused minor to serious body injuries to the involved people. In most cases, this kind of incident occur involving motorcycles, cars, SUVs, buses or even trailers.

Whatsoever is the cause of the road mishap, it is very important to learn that the situation can trigger loss of lives and properties. All of the victims will experience serious problem because of the risks and possible expenses to spend when paying the innocent victims.

In the video shared above, the vehicular accident happened in Subic Clark Expressway (SCTEX) North Bound lane in the Philippines last December 23, 2017 as early as 8:40 am. As you can see, the vehicle on the front is a Toyota Innova and it might be responsible in triggering the mishap due to possible sudden stop or other unforeseen problem of the involved SUV.

About 8 vehicles got involved on a chain-reaction collision and the video showed that there are passengers and drivers who got injured due to the strong impact of the collision. Despite the good weather condition outside and non-traffic situation of the expressway, this kind of unwanted vehicular accident still happened without any expectation. This is the reason why alertness and safeness is very important to avoid any casualty.

We would like to credit Mr. Nico Escalano for allowing us to share his video, which he posted through Facebook.