Whether we like it or not, many vehicle drivers out there believe that it is always difficult to share the exact space on the road, especially there are rude or undisciplined drivers who do not easily give way. In most cases, a driver will make an effort to give way to a passing vehicle, but the driver on the other side will still try to elude the space.

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking easily caused an unforeseen vehicular accident on the road, if you are a driver, you should be aware of the exact spacing while on the hi-way or road because this is necessary in making proper maneuvers. Of course, this places your own self in the right position to avoid putting another driver in great danger.

Looking at the video above, it seems that the driver from the white pickup wanted to surpass the right side of the road and did not give way to the driver from the SUV, which caused the collision. Clearly, it looks like the SUV is already turning to the left side when it collided with the white pick (UNTV News) and so it loses control before slamming the other closed van vehicle in the middle of the hi-way.

Again, this kind of road incident occurred because of those undisciplined drivers.

We want to give credit to Mr. Norlito Vargas for sharing us the video and allowing us to publish online. This vehicular incident happened at the Roman Hi-way in front of Vista Mall in Balanga City, Bataan.