It is always true when they say that a fatal or deadly vehicular accident can occur due to man’s negligence, particularly involving the driver or drivers of the vehicles. Some people say that this talks about irresponsible driving and the action is definitely not acceptable, especially when someone died after the fatal incident on the road.

The sad thing is that majority of the deadly road accidents involved innocent victims as the main casualties of fatality.

Looking at the shared video above, it seem that the involved vehicle or SUV is moving faster when the fatal accident happened on the road that killed a woman inside it. The vehicle is turned upside down and they had a difficult time removing the victim inside before they were able to lay her on the floor. Unfortunately, she already looked lifeless when they got her out of the vehicle.

There are people who are shouting and probably they are the loved ones of the woman who died in the accident. According from the different comments published through the social media account of Ayen Tatto on Facebook, many are showing their sympathy about this disheartening road mishap that occurred in Indonesia.


Credit video: Ayen Tatto/Facebook