Many people seriously condemn any kind of fatal road incident, especially when it some of the involved victims are innocent children who do not have any opportunity to save themselves. Of course, no one surely wanted to experience a deadly road range because this kind of situation in always unforeseen and can happen in a blink of an eye.

In most cases, unawareness is one of the main causes of a fatal road incident.

In the video we shared on this post, the involved vehicles are a white Toyota Fortuner and the other one looks like a dark green Hyundai Starex. As detailed from the published information through YouTube by the owner of the video, the road rage happened at the Subic-Clark Expressway (SCTEX) in Dolores, Pampanga.

Looking at the positions of the vehicles, the Toyota went off the road and wrecked down the right side of the bushes, while the Starex appeared heavily damaged. A man is carrying an injured child also and some of the victims inside the Starex are seriously injured. One person also is not moving anymore and that is a clear sign that he is probably dead.

The scattered debris from the vehicles clearly proved that there is a strong impact, which caused the fatal accident due to the powerful collision.

We would like to credit Ace Tan Caabay for the video that he published through YouTube last August 13, 2017.