It is possible that drowsiness, fatigue, unawareness and argument can always lead to a deadly or serious road incident. These are actually huge factors on why different vehicular mishaps are occurring worldwide. If a driver encountered any of these aforementioned factors while driving, it is definitely possible that he or she will encounter an unforeseen accident on the road.

In the video we shared above, it is very clear that the driver of the white SUV (probably a Toyota Fortuner model) crossed the middle lane of the hi-way and ramming the motorcycle straightly. The impact of the collision is very scary and severely hurt those who are riding the motorcycle.

It is unclear on whether the driver of the SUV is sleeping, texting or busy chatting with the passengers inside the vehicle that triggered the kind of deadly road mishap. However, the video will prove that the involved Toyota Fortuner has the fault and it seems that the driver is a woman.

According to the reported information about this disheartening vehicular incident, it happened last December 25, 2016 (exactly Christmas Day) in the province of Tarlac, Philippines. One of the passengers of the motorcycle is a child and luckily survived death after what happened to them.


Credit video footage and cropped image: AlDub Nation/YouTube