Without any question, road accidents are disheartening issues and this is regardless if they cause serious injuries or fatalities in life. This is the exact reason why the vehicle owners or drivers need to check the condition of their units before they drive on the road or highway to prevent any untoward incident.

It is certainly discouraging when we hear news or watch videos about deadly road accidents, which involve huge trucks and devastating small vehicles like cars, SUVS or even motorcycles. The most disappointing part of this kind of situation is when the main culprit is a massive truck and the cause of the accident is due to uncontrolled vehicle without a brake.

On the video we shared above, the fatal accident happened in a long bridge in Lubao, Pampanga last December of 2016. Although they already removed the victims on the actual site, it is clear that the huge truck mixer rammed several vehicles in front of it after losing the pedal brake to stop it.

Some of the involved and totally damaged units include SUVs, jeepney and motorcycles wherein there are visible bloodstains on the road. According to the person who recorded the video, the driver of the truck attempted to escape but the police authorities were able to capture him.

We would like to credit Mighty Dax for the video published through YouTube.