For many car experts out there, they believe that majority of the car accidents are due to distractions when driving. Like for drivers who encountered dangerous road distractions, the situation easily leads to untoward accident and sometimes leading to death.

These distractions usually include using a mobile phone and busy watching a video while driving, among others. Unfortunately, there are instances wherein the cause of the road accident is due to allowing a panicking or inexperience or panicking driver who is not yet familiar with the vehicle.

The video shared on this post is definitely scary because there is no clear indication if the driver of the white SUV vehicle is drunk, rattled or panicking when the fatal incident happened quickly. On the other hand, it is also possible that the vehicle malfunctions, caused the driver to lose control on it, and immediately maneuvered wrongly towards the direction of the woman who is standing on the road.

After banging directly to the woman, the white SUV vehicle then crashed the black SUV and it rolled over after the powerful impact. The sad thing about the video is that the driver who caused the deadly mishap even tried to escape the victims and the location of the accident.

Fortunately, there are bystanders who prevented the driver from escaping and helped the victims.

We want to give thanks to I’m Mad On Bikes Nd Cars Facebook Fanpage for allowing us to post the video.