There are incidents on the roads or streets often caused by sudden acceleration or uncontrolled vehicle. Of course, these types of incidents can happen without the expectation of the involved drivers and the possible damage can be serious or minor. If the road mishap is serious, it might lead to fatality because someone might die afterwards.

In the video we share on this post, you can see that the white-colored car involved in the accident seemed to be uncontrollable and stumbled at the corner after the powerful crash. Lucky for the person who is riding his bicycle managed to survive because the driver avoided him, which might lead to severe injury or death if hit by the rushing car.

According from the information online about the video, the incident occurred in Kerala, India. The car went off the left side of the road after passing the cyclist and then hitting the signage before stumbling a few times before stopping in front of a commercial establishment. The man from the bicycle looks stunned after the incident because he probably in disbelief on how he survived the rushing vehicle.

This particular road accident is someone complicated to explain because it is not easy to determine if the driver is still learning to drive or the car went uncontrolled and caused sudden acceleration. Nonetheless, city driving always needs safety measure and correct use of brakes.


Credit video: Shemy Mohamed/YouTube