Whether we admit it or not, one of the most plaguing issues that affect our society involves the different road accidents, particularly in the highways or expressways. When the involved vehicles include a huge truck and a small motorcycle, it really is dangerous because the result can be life threatening if the incident is unavoidable.

In the video we share above, you will find out that the unexpected road incident happened at the Roman Highway in Orion, Bataan. As you can see, the traffic before the mishap is smooth running when saddening a huge wheel loses from the left side of a white trailer truck and rolling over the road before colliding with the tricycle on the right shoulder of the hi-way.

A small white truck managed to elude the rolling wheel and afterwards it hit the tricycle, which nearly stumbled due to the strong impact. The driver looks hurt and the passengers inside started to panic also, despite managing to escape serious injuries.

We would like to credit Mr. Reynaldo Fombuena for the shared video and images.