The statistics of road accidents are increasing greatly each year and this is truly alarming because many innocent people are dying or hurting when they happen. These accidents usually involve teen and adult drivers, which often cause minor to huge expenses after the incident.

The video we shared on this post reveal a clear example of an unsafe driving due to incorrect strategy. The involved vehicle is a Ford Ranger grey pick up that carries a white table and a kid who is holding it at the back. If you observe the video carefully, it appears that the driver of the pickup is driving faster even if he knew that there is a young fellow at the back.

As soon as the pickup made a left turn and moving through the hi-way, the driver starts to move faster and within a few seconds, the table and the child at the back fell on the ground in the middle of the road. It appeared that they did not even bother to tie the table and so the boy who is holding it failed to control himself from falling on the left side of the pickup because of the strong air impact.

The owner of the video who owns the dash camera made an effort to tell the driver that the table fell with the child and he should bring him to the hospital for the necessary checkup. It seems that the boy felt hard on the ground and might injured himself for sure.

Without any doubt, this is an act of unsafe driving and the driver must be liable.

We would like to credit Janice Dey Raborar who owns the video and published through Ford Ranger Club Philippines Members Facebook page. Based on the information, this incident happened this January in Calumpit, Bulacan.